About & FAQ

Alive At Night is an unapologetic, horror loving, punk rock, low brow, motorcycle influenced, one man show.
It’s clothing and accessories for the people your mother warned you about.
 This whole set up is ran by myself with the occasional help from my amazing girlfriend. With that being said we both have full-time jobs, try to have fun and family time as well as run Alive At Night and do events on our weekends off!


Q: Are your prices in USD or CAD?

A: All of our pricing is in USD. 

Q: How long will my package take to arrive?!:

A: As we all know Canada Post and USPS are FUCKED and we ship out from a small town in rural Ontario, Canada. We ship out all over the world as well so, where you are makes a BIG difference as to how long it will take to arrive. We try to ship things out multiple times a week but sometimes it will only be one day a week that things will go out. Depending on when you place an order it'll go out that same day or sometimes a week later.  (Usually arrives within 5 business days but may take up to 10) 

This is a labour of love. Please, be patient and, KEEP IT GREASY!!